Frequently Asked Questions

It's fair to say our site and business is brand new as of Oct 2020. We would feel the same in your shoes but we'll try to put your mind at rest. Wizard Competitions Ltd is a registered company in the UK (Company No. 12964183). Our company address is listed on the contact page and our telephone number and Company No. is listed in the footer of the entire site. Until such time as our customers can see prizes being awarded and we begin to receive feedback and reviews that we can add to the site, you'll just have to take a tiny leap of faith and trust us. The prizes are real and we're here to stay.
You can select a ticket/s to mark as Held until you are ready to purchase. Tickets already marked as Held are Held by other users. Tickets are Held for a few minutes before becoming available again. You can release a ticket from Held by clicking the ticket number again. If you'd like to purchase a ticket that is Held by another user refresh the page it may have become available.
You can purchase up to 25 tickets for each competition.
All draws are broadcast live on Facebook. We use 2 ball machines, one to generate a random number and a second ball machine to generate a random letter per competition. Combined this allows for up to 39,000 tickets per competition.
If the prize is small enough to be posted please allow up to 5 days. For larger prizes such as vehicles we also aim for 5 days but this depends on where you are located as these prizes are delivered personally.
Alert: Your shopping cart will expire in 00.00 minutes and your chosen tickets will be removed.