Terms & Conditions

Please read the following information to understand the qualifications, the terms and conditions that must be followed in order to enter our Competitions. You will find out what is required of you as an "Entrant" to enter into a Competition as well as what can disqualify someone from being a part of our Competition. You will also learn valuable information for participating and playing for free.

This information is available to help you enjoy the Competition and maybe win!s

1. Qualifications For Wizard Competitions

Qualifying People

1.1 Wizard Competitions Ltd is the promoter (referred as "promoter, or "our(s)" that performs various Competitions resulting in the distribution of prizes (referred to as Prize or Prizes) under the terms and conditions of the Competition on our website www.wizardcompetitions.co.uk (The Website). From here forward are referred to, respectively, as "Competition" or "Competitions".

1.2 Competitions are open to anyone 18 years of age or older, from anywhere in the world. Any employees of the Promoter or family members, professionals, or commercial associations, connected with the Promoter, are strictly prohibited from participating in the competition.

1.3 The Promoter reserves the right to close a customer's account at any time if they believe the customer is abusing the services, is abusive toward other customers or staff, or believes it is not the authentic customer entering the competition or our website.

1.4 The Promoter reserves the right to deny a Customer's entry into the Competition, at the discretion of said Promoter.

1.5 The terms and conditions apply to all Competitions.

2. Legal Understanding

2.1 By entering the Competition, the Entrant (referred to Entrant, You, Yours, and/or Customer", will be regarded to have the legal capacity to do so. You will be able to read, understand, and accept the terms and conditions. You will be obligated to the terms and conditions or by any other requirements set down by the Promoter's related promotional material.

2.2 Competitions are governed by English law and all and/or any matters or disputes relating to the Competition will be handled and/or resolved under English law and the Courts of England shall have full jurisdiction.

2.3 Should you participate in a Competition online through the Website, and by accepting these terms and conditions, you hereby confirm you are not breaching any laws in your country of residence in regard to its legal stance of entering our Competition. The Promoter will not be held responsible for anyone entering any of our Competitions unlawfully. If you have doubts, you should leave our Website immediately, and check with your appropriate authorities in your country.

3. Entering Competitions

3.1 Competitions may be entered through our Website. Multiple Competitions may be operating at the same time by the Promoter. Each Competition offers a specific Prize.

3.2 The pricing and availability of the Competition is at the discretion of the Promoter and will be announced at the time of sale on the Website. There are no requirements to pay in order to enter any Competition. Each Competition has free available entries. Please see the rules below for details how to enter for free (s13). The opportunity for a free entry for each Competition states the Competition does not fall under the definition of a lottery, as per the Gambling Act of 2005. The Competition can be operated legally in Great Britain without a licence.

3.3 In order to enter a Competition, you must have a registered account with us. You can register online by providing an email address or you can sign in using your Social Media Account including Google, Twitter, or Facebook (Social Media Account). or Gmail.

3.4 When playing a Competition online through the Website, you must follow the on-screen instructions to

(a) select the Competition you want to enter and when you are ready to purchase your tickets to the Competition ("Ticket"). Provide your contact and payment information. Be sure to check your information carefully then tick the declaration, that confirms you have read and understand the Competition terms and conditions.

(b) Once you have purchased your ticket(s), registered to play a relevant Competitions, and your payment has been cleared, we will contact you by email to confirm your entry into the Competition. Please Note -when entering online or by post, you will not be deemed entered into the Competition until we confirm your entry which will be confirmed in your account when you log in and any Entry is referred to as an "Entry" or "Entrance".

3.5 The Promoter has the right to disqualify and refuse any Entry that is deemed incomplete or there is reasonable doubt that the Entrant has breached the terms and conditions.

3.7 To the degree permitted by applicable law, the Entries are the property of the Promoter and will not be returned.

3.8 The Entrant may enter each Competition up to but not over 25 times.

3.8(a) Each account can have unlimited entries providing they are purchased on the same account on behalf of other people.

3.9 A maximum of one account per individual registered user.

3.10 All Entrants must create an account and an email address, including those entering for free, before you can proceed to the Competition.

4. The Promotion Period

4.1 Each Competition will run for a given period of time. Please see the details for each Competition and the starting and ending times, along with the dates. (Promotion" "Period(s)").

5. Competition Judgement

5.1 The Competition guarantees a 100% random ticket through the use of 2 ball spinning machines to choose the winner for each Competition. The number of Entrants that have entered the Competition will determine how many balls are entered in to the machine. Every Competition has a minimum of 50 balls and the maximum number is 1,500 balls. A second ball machine containing the 26 letters of the alphabet is also used. Combining these 2 machines we can generate a random winning ticket up to 39,000 entries. Each draw will be live-streamed on Facebook or YouTube or another live-streamed internet channel chosen by the Promoter.

5.2 Due to the character of the selection, there will be only one winner per Competition, unless stated otherwise by the Promoter.

5.3 The Promoter will attempt to contact winners (referred to as Winner(s)) of a Competition using telephone numbers and email addresses provided at the time of Entry and held securely in our database unless updated. It is the responsibility of the Entrant to ensure the information is accurate, up-to-date, and complete. If any information is removed or submitted incorrectly by you, the Promoter will not be responsible for any negative results arising from it. Entrants must carefully check their contact information and ensure it has been submitted correctly.

5.4 If the Promoter is not able to contact a Winner within Five working days of the end of the Competition or the Winner has not confirmed their acceptance of the prize or the Winner is disqualified for not complying or contravening with the terms and conditions, the Winner agrees that they will immediately and automatically, forfeit the Prize and therefore the Prize will be placed in the next available draw.

5.5 Should the Promoter close the Competition early, the Winner will be chosen from all valid and eligible Entrants that were received by the Promoter before the date of closure, unless the Promoter reserves the right to close the Competition early without selecting a Winner. The Promoter will give all Entrants game credits, allowing them to replay using equivalent Tickets in another Competition.

5.6 Entrants who consent to marketing communications will be entered into the Promoter's database for conveying information for the status of their Competition as well as for future promotions or Competitions offered by the Promoter.

5.7 The Promoter has the right to extend the date of closing a Competition in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

6. Winner Details

6.1 As a Winner, you are required to provide proof of identification upon delivery of the Prize. Any failure on the part of the Winner may result in being disqualified and the Promoter will place prize in the next available draw.

6.2 The Promoter will ask for all Winners' consent by providing photographs or pose for photographs and videos. Winners will have their personal information, including information of any Prize won by them, including marketing material. If the Winner consents to the above, the photographs, videos, and marketing material may be used for future marketing and public relations by the Promoter in connection with the Competition and is identifying them as a Winner of a Competition.

6.3 After receipt and verification of the information requested by the Promoter and the Winner has satisfied the terms and conditions, the Winner will be contacted to make arrangements for delivery of the Prize.

7. Competition Prizes

7.1 The Prizes are selected by all or some of the directors of the company and are owned by the Promoter from the time of the Competition going live on the Website to the time when the Winner received their Prize. Information regarding each Prize can be found on our Website on the Competition pages.

Wizard Competitions are not responsible for the Prizes awarded after delivery. Once the Winner receives the Prize, the Promoter will not insure the Prize. No insurance comes with the Prizes and the Promoter is not responsible for the Prize once it has been given to the Winner.

7.2 Delivery to the Winner is free if the Prize is sent to an address in Great Britain. The Promoter has the right to charge for the Winner's delivery if they require the Prize to be sent to an address outside Great Britain. The winner will be responsible to cover the cost for any personal taxes, import duty, with deliveries made outside Great Britain.

7.3 All Entrant's expenses to collect the Prize are the sole responsibility of the Winner.

7.4 Hereby, the Winner agrees that all Prizes are subject to and are conditional to the terms and conditions of the Promoter, Prize provider, manufacturer, supplier, or anyone else that is involved in the providing or delivering the Prize to the Winner.

7.5 Each Prize must be accepted as awarded and is not transferable or convertible and may not be in combination with other vouchers, offers, or discounts including without limitation, any vouchers or offers of the Provider or Prize suppliers, or any third parties.

8. Storage

The Promoter can store the Prize for free of charge up to 30 days after notifying the Winner. At the end of the 30 days, the Prize will be delivered to the Winner. If the Prize requires more than 30 days to be held by the Promoter, then the entire cost will be paid by the Winner to the Promoter before the Winner can receive the Prize.

9. Winner's Personal Data

9.1 Subject to a Winner's consent, a Winner may be asked to have a photo taken or a video by the Promoter for promotional purposes.

9.2 When entering a Competition, the Entrant will be asked for consent to use their name, address, and a photo or other likeness along with an appearance at a publicity event without any additional compensation, except possibly for travel expenses that are approved in writing, in advance, by the Promoter, which is required by the Promoter.

10. Limits On Liability

10.1 The Promoter will not make any representation, warranty, or assurance whatsoever in writing or otherwise to the quality, fitness, or suitability for any purpose of goods or services offered for said Prizes. The exception being liability for death or personal injury caused by the Promoter due to any fraudulent misrepresentation and/or for any event or circumstances to the level that they cannot be excluded or limited by law. The Promoter will not be liable for any loss suffered or sustained to persons or property including, but not limited to, consequential loss by reason of any act or omission by the Promoter, servants or agents in connection with the arrangement for supply of any goods by anyone to the Prize Winners or any family/person along with the Winner for any Competition advanced by the Promoter.

10.2 The maximum aggregate liability of the Promoter to each Winners will be limited to the total value of each Prize won by each Winner.

10.3 The maximum liability of the Promoter to you will, if not the Winner, be limited to the amount you paid to enter the Competition in the first 12 months of playing any Competition.

10.4 Nothing in the terms and conditions shall prevent you making claims to the level that you are exercising your statutory rights.

11. Electronic, Computer Device & Technical Issues

Any electronic devices are not responsible or accepted by the Promoter if any failures or transmissions. Telephones, computers or other electronics will be released from any accountability or hardware or software malfunctions, mishap, the availability of connections for the breach of a service provider, what's available or any unauthorized actions by someone, including any mistakes or human error. The Promoter will use all reasonable attempts a Prize for a Competition to the rightful Entrant. If caused by hardware, software, or other computer failures or human failures. If the Prize is awarded to the wrong person, the Promoter will have the right to reclaim the Prize and give it to the rightful Entrant. At the sole discretion, without admission of liability, the Entrant awarded the Prize incorrectly will immediately at the Entrant's own cost and expense return it to the Promoter or pay the Promoter for the Prize if accepted by the Promoter. The Promoter is not accountable for any monetary loss or losses imposed on or extended to any person who has been mistakenly awarded and no compensation will be given to that person. The Promoter will use any reasonable attempt to ensure the software and Website(s) used to run the Competition. It operates correctly and accurately with the latest version of popular internet, tablet, and mobile browsers. Only the Ticket(s) recorded in our system, no matter how displayed or calculated, will be entered into the Competition. The Promoter will not be accountable for Entries caused by faulty software.

12. Date Protection Notice

Any personal information you gave to the Promoter or authorized Promoter or obtained from a third party, such as a credit card company, will be used by the Promoter to administer the Competition and fulfil Prizes, where applicable. In order to record, process, and use your personal information, the Promoter can disclose it to (i) any credit card company you provided, (ii) any person the Promoter proposes to transfer any agreement the Promoter has with you (iii) Any person the Promoter's rights to transfer its business or any part of it, (iv) complies with any legal or regularity requirement of the Promoter in any country, and (v) prevent, discover, or prosecute fraud or other crimes. In order to process, use, record, and disclose your personal information, the Promoter may have to transfer such information not inside the United Kingdom. During this event, the Promoter is responsible for guaranteeing your personal information will be protected during the course of the transfer Event.

13. Free Entry

In order to enter any Wizard Competitions, you must send your name, address, date of birth, email address, answer to the skill question along with a contact phone number to the Promoter. Free entries must be posted to:

Unit 4B Stag Industrial Estate
Atlantic Street
WA14 5DW

You must pay for it and send it first or second-class postage. We do not recommend special delivery paid for postal entries. Each entry must be submitted individually. The Entrant must specify which Wizard Competition draw you want to enter. A random number will be given to each free entry by the Promoter. All Free Entries will be treated in the same way as Paid Entries. Where applicable, the Competition terms and conditions also apply to free Entries. All free entries MUST arrive 2 working days before close of the competition draw.

14. Validation

14.1 The Promoter reserves the right to not give or make a Prize available until they are satisfied that (a) the Winner has a valid registered Website account or is not in breach of the terms and conditions. Any and all amounts due or owed by you to the Promoter have been paid in full. (c) The identified Winner is entitled to receive the Prize and it's been established to the Promoter's satisfaction. The Promoter reserves the right to request documentation for proof of identity and not provide the Prize until appropriate identification has been provided and (d) the Promoter may request proof of age before giving the Prize to them. Prizes will not be awarded to any Winner under the age of 18.

14.2 Without prejudice to rule 14.1 above, the Promoter reserves the right to not award the Prize if there is any reasonable suspicion of fraud in the Competition and/or Wizard Competition.

14.3 At their discretion, the Promoter can give the Prize to an authorized representative of the Winner who is acting under a lawfully executed power of attorney or other equal authorization.

15. Your Account

15.1 Make sure your account password is secure and safe at all times and take steps to ensure it cannot be used by others without your permission. (a) You should memorize your password and keep it to yourself. (b) Never write it down even on your computer or other devices. Also, don't write it or record it in a way that can be interpreted by others. (c) Destroy any communications from the Promoter that has anything to do with your password. After reading the message, destroy it immediately. (d) Stay away from passwords that are easy for others to guess. (e) Make sure that no one, outside yourself, uses your account while you are on your devices and logged into your Website. That includes logging on your devices through your mobile devices, Wi-Fi, or using a shared connection. (f) Always log off and exit your account when not using it, and (g) Keep your password or other access information confidential and secret.

15.2 Your password and log in information is yours and yours alone, do not give it to anyone and do not use it on shared access over a network. Choose a password that is unique to your account and maintain good internet security and safety.

15.3 You should contact the Promoter immediately if you believe, suspect, or know someone, outside yourself, has used your account and given any instructions in respect to it without your permission. If you believe, suspect, or know someone else knows your password, CHANGE IT IMMEDIATELY!

15.4 If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by following the instructions on the Website. This only works if you can provide relevant security information requested or required by the Promoter.

15.5 The Promoter is not accountable or liable for any or all consequences that might arise in relationship to any or all breaches of this rule 15.5 by you. Also, the Promoter cannot in any way be responsible or liable for any actions or inaction, or lack of actions when something is suspicious. There might be consequences that you may suffer from as it relates to using or connecting to the Website.

16. Changes

We reserve the right to revise our terms and conditions once in a while. We will post any current changes on the Website as soon as possible after the revisions of terms and conditions become effective. Please check this page from time to time to ensure you understand the terms and conditions that apply now. By continuing to access and use the Website, after the revisions are in effect, you agree to be bound by the revised information. We may update and change the Website, Competitions, and Wizard Competitions draws from time to time. Register changes to our offerings, Website IT systems, or our users' needs and feedback.

17. Unauthorized Use & Expiration Of Your Debit Card

17.1 if you notify your nominated bank(or building society) that you have discovered your debit card was used without your permission (unlawfully), in relation to a Wizard Competition, and Your bank (or building society) asks the Promoter to return the relevant amount in to your bank, or building society. The Promoter could suspend your account and ask you to contact the Promoter. The Promoter accepts no responsibility and no accountability for any chargebacks.

17.2 If your debit card is getting ready to expire, the Promoter will use all efforts to return the money in your account to your debit card before midnight on the day it expires. If the Promoter is not able to do so, they will use all efforts to let you know about this and, in these circumstances, you should contact the Promoter to arrange another way for the Promoter to return the funds to you.

18. Using The Website

18.1 You have hereby agreed that (a) the Website, the Competitions, the Wizard Competitions membership and draws are for your own personal non-commercial use and (b) you are only allowed to use your account and the Website for entering Competitions created by Wizard Competitions through your account as set down in these terms and conditions.

18.2 You agree that you will use your account only for entering Competitions, Wizard Competitions draws and only use the Website in a suitable lawful way. You will not (a) receive, access, or transmit any content which is obscene, pornographic, threatening, racist, menacing, offensive defamatory, or is in breach of confidence or breach any intellectual property including, without limit, copyright, and otherwise objectionable or unlawful. (b) You will not knowingly or recklessly transmit any material or content including without limit, the Website or the Promoter's software and IT systems which will cause, or likely cause, (1) detrimental harm in any way. To the Website, the Promoter's software, and IT systems owned or operated by the Promoter and others. May not (ii) cause loss of or damage to data. (c) You will not hack into the system or make excessive demands or cause destruction of any computer systems, or forward chain letters or junk mail, any kind of surveys, content, pyramid schemes or otherwise engage in any behaviour meant to prevent others from playing or entering Competitions, Wizard Competitions draws or using the Website or any other website, which is likely to damage the reputation or business of the Promoter and any third party. (d) will not authorize or allow anyone to do any action 18.2(a) to (c).

18.3 You agree to compensate the Promoter against any and all costs, damages, losses, and expenses which the Promoter might suffer or incur from or in relation to any claims, legal proceedings, or damages made by a third party due to and coming from your unlawful or negligent access and use of your account, the Website, the Promoter's software or IT systems or breach by you of the terms and conditions.

18.4 There is no guarantee the Website will view correctly on all devices.

18.5 The Promoter is the owner of all copyright, trademarks, and other intellectual property and in respect of the Competitions, the Wizard Competitions, and the Website. You will not have any rights in any of these.

18.6 Trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names, source identifications or proprietary designations such as Trademarks of the Promoter's use on or in connection with the Website, the Competitions and/or Wizard Competitions draws are Trademarks of third parties in connection with the Website the Competition and/or Wizard Competitions draws are used solely for the identification and may be the property of specific owners.

18.7 You may not (a) copy, disclose, make available or remove or change any material available on the Website. (b) reverse engineer or decompile, whether in whole or in part, software used in connection with the Website or the provision of the Competitions or Wizard Competitions draws unless permitted by applicable law and (c) remove, or change any copyright trademark or intellectual property notices in material obtained from the Website or a result of playing the Competitions or entering the Wizard Competitions draws.

18.8 You agree that involvement in Competitions and/or entering Wizard Competitions draws and using your account outside the jurisdiction of Great Britain is prohibited.

19. Discretion

The Promoter's discretion for these terms and conditions will be final and binding.

20. General

20.1 If the Promoter fails or delays enforcing a provision of the terms and conditions, this delay or failure will not be considered a waiver of the Promoter's right to do so at another time.

20.2 If any provision, or a part of the provision, of the terms and conditions is deemed by a court of competent jurisdiction to be void or unenforceable, the decision will affect only the particular provision, or part of the provision, and will not, by itself, make other provisions void or unenforceable.

20.3 You may not give or transfer, in part or in whole, your obligations or rights under the terms and conditions of this agreement. Any breach of this rule 20.3 may result in the use of your account and/or the Competition and/or Wizard Competitions draws and/or access to the Website be suspended or terminated immediately by the Promoter. The Promoter may elect to give their rights or obligations under the terms and conditions, in whole or in part, to a third party at its own or total discretion without your consent. The Promoter may give these terms and conditions in their entirety, without your consent to its successor in connection with a merger, reorganization, or sale of all or a part of all assets or equity. The terms and conditions shall bind and insure the Promoter's benefit, its successors, and permitted assigns.

20.4 The terms and conditions of this agreement constitute the entire agreement between you and the Promoter regarding the subject of the terms and conditions and will supersede or replace any other prior coexisting agreements or terms and conditions applicable to the subject in these terms and conditions.

20.5 Any person who is not party to these terms and conditions will have no rights under the Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act 1999 (as amended or otherwise enacted from time to time, and any subordinate legislation made under the act) or to enforce any provision of these terms and conditions.

20.6 The Promoter will not be accountable or liable for any delay or failure to perform obligations under these terms and conditions. Where a delay or failure results from any cause beyond its reasonable control, including acts of God, labour disputes or any industrial disturbances, either electrical or power outages, utilities or any other telecommunication network failures, earthquakes, storms, or any elements of nature, blockages, embargoes, riots, acts of orders of government acts of terrorism or war.

20.7 The Website may have hyperlinks to other websites operated by other parties, not connected to us. These links are provided for reference purposes and for your convenience. We do not control these websites and are not responsible for their content or privacy, and other practices of these websites. It is up to you to show caution to ensure that whatever links they select or software you download from these websites are free from viruses.

Our involvement of these links to such websites does not imply any responsibility of the material on these websites, associations, sponsorship, or partnership with their operations. You must not create a test hyperlink to the Website without our prior written consent.

You must read and understand this agreement and take full responsibility if you violate any of the terms and conditions. You might want to copy this agreement and keep it as a reference.

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